Classroom Central equips students in need to effectively learn by collecting and distributing free school supplies to their teachers. We serve teachers and students in nearly 200 schools across six school districts in the Charlotte Region. Supplies are distributed through our Free Store, Mobile Free Store and several other community-supported programs.



Learn more about how Classroom Central distributes free school supplies to nearly 200 schools across six school districts and find out if your school is eligible to receive free supplies.

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Last year, more than 2,500 individuals donated their time to support our mission. Learn about volunteer opportunities available at our Free Store, Mobile Free Store, special events and even at your office or at home.

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Learn how you can provide essential supplies to local students and teachers by hosting a supply drive, shopping at our Amazon Wish List or participating in our Kits for a Cause program.

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2018-2019 IMPACT

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Supplies Distributed in 2018
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Schools Served in Six School Districts


About 127,000 children in our region lack the basic school supplies they need to be successful in school. That’s more than 1 in 2 students. Classroom Central is able to turn each dollar donated into $9 worth of school supplies, so your gift will make a real impact on successful educational outcomes for both students and teachers.



What Teachers Say About Us

“I often have students who are new to our school and have left their book bags and supplies behind for reasons beyond their control. I love that I am able to hand them everything they need in a new book bag. This makes the transition to a new school much easier for them and I’m able to establish a positive student-teacher relationship right away.”

Andrea McCray, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

“At the beginning of the school year, one of my students did not know how to let me know that he needed some supplies. I think he felt embarrassed about it. When I found out, I let him know that I was able to get free supplies from Classroom Central for all students who need them. Now, he is a much more confident student.”

Ms. Davidson, Iredell-Statesville Schools

“I have a student who is without a home and lacks for all supplies. She knows that if she needs anything for school she can come to me in private and get what she needs. It takes away the shame of not having, and she is much more confident.”

Ms. Beasley, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

“On the first day of school, my students were so happy to receive the composition books, pencils, paper and other materials on that I got at Classroom Central. We wasted no time starting our lessons, because they had the supplies they needed and they were ready to learn.”

Ms. Knight, Gaston County Schools

“One of my 6th grade students had a book bag that was being held together with tape and staples and I was able to pull him to the side and hand him a new one that I got from Classroom Central. He took it home and decorated it that night and showed it to me the next day. He was so excited and proud of it. His confidence with his peers and his classwork went up dramatically.”

Ms. Lindsay, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

“I had a student recently join my class. All she came to class with was an empty book bag. When other students began to take out their materials, she was ashamed because she didn’t have anything. I grabbed a zipper pouch filled with crayons, pencils, glue and scissors from Classroom Central and no one thought anything of it. The little girl looked as though she had won the lottery. The materials I receive from Classroom Central have been a life saver on more than one occasion.”

Ms. Bass, Lancaster County (SC) Schools

“I have a student who needed just about everything.  He didn’t have pens, paper, notebooks or any of the basic supplies.  Because of Classroom Central, I was able to give this student what he needed to start the school year successfully. It allowed him to feel better about school and about himself and he was able to keep his work organized.”

Mr. Jackson, Kannapolis City Schools