Looking for a team building project for your group that can be done remotely?  

Pouch Kits

Groups are needed to assemble Pouch Kits, of which there are three different types that you can select from (Art, STEM, and Pencil Pouch).

How does it work?

1) Purchase the product for the kits.  The source for our kits is http://ccentral.kitsforkidz.org/

They will ship directly to the location that you designate.  Please note that purchases of pouch kits are a transaction between you and Kits for Kidz.  Because the product comes from this vendor partner, Classroom Central is not able to track your order or assist with the order/payment.  There is a 4-6 week turnaround on shipments and expediting the delivery is unfortunately not an option.

2) Assemble the kits on your own time.  Note: the STEM kits require you to purchase 2 gallon-sized zip top bags, the Art kits require you to purchase 1 gallon-sized zip top bags, and the Pencil Pouch acts as its own pouch.

3) Deliver the kits to Classroom Central during our regular donation hours (Monday-Thursday from 8AM-Noon).  For large deliveries, please contact Mike Daley.

For questions, please contact Beth Cupp.

Flash Cards

Groups can create flashcards using our sample templates (but please feel free to be creative! You do not have to match the template exactly, it is just a guide) and bag them into zip-top baggies.  

 For questions, please contact Tee Poole.