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The following guest post was written by Jordan McGee

Volunteer work is something that has always been important to me because of how I was reared, but it struck a stronger chord within me about 18 months or so ago. After I learned of Allen Tate's drive for school supplies at our weekly sales meeting, I leapt at the opportunity to get involved, and do more to benefit the development of students at CMS. Classroom Central equips students living in poverty to effectively learn by collecting and distributing free school supplies.

When I was younger, I remember how exciting getting ready for school was. Come summer's end, I was ready to shelve the sunscreen, and toss my sandals into the closet- it was time for reading, writing, and 'rithmetic! I also remember how incredibly expensive it is (but this, of course, didn't come into the periphery of my thoughts until boarding school, and then college). Fortunately, neither I, nor my mother, had to worry about choosing between dinner and 3x5s.

One of my favorite things about Charlotte is how interconnected the community is, and I feel like we are all interested in helping others- especially when they exhibit a want to better themselves. These children are the actual future. They are not some metaphor, strung together in passing conversation to impress another person at Starbucks; they ARE the ACTUAL future. These children will go on to be the presidents of financial institutions, the heads of not-for-profit organizations, powerful stock brokers and real estate brokers, and leaders in their communities.

Or they will work in the drive-through of a fast food chain, work nights and weekends as a janitor, and any number of other odd-jobs that they could get their hands on; all to make ends meet.


The difference could lie in their education. It could lie in the fact that their mother and/or father chose to feed their family instead of buying school supplies. So much is contingent upon a circumstance, a circumstance that YOU, I, and WE, are able to influence. Everyone deserves a chance. I have always, and will always, believe that people are inherently good -- so let's allow these young minds to flourish and to develop with the proper nurturing and love needed for growth.

Jordan T. McGee works as a real estate broker's assistant and a marketing and branding consultant. During his down time, he could be found either playing with his dogs, or being involved with The Foundation For Tomorrow, the North Carolina Brain Injury Association, the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, and BREATHE.  

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