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The following is a guest post from Classroom Central board member, Kathy Wholley:

“We don’t have very much so this means a lot.”

That was what a tiny voice said as I handed out backpacks to students at Montclaire Elementary School last August. I wanted to hug her as tears filled my eyes.

It was a great reminder why I serve on the Board of Directors at Classroom Central in Charlotte, and why I am proud that the company I work for, Domtar Corporation, donates several truckloads of copy paper annually so that students like her can effectively learn.


Did you know that over 50% of the students in the harlotte region are living in poverty? Kids come to school every day without pencils or paper, which puts them behind before the day even gets started. Without basic school supplies, students are at a real disadvantage and teachers are challenged even more than they already are.

Thank goodness for organizations like Classroom Central. For the past fifteen years they have provided school supplies to children living in poverty so they can effectively learn. Today, the organization reaches 100,000 students in six counties, including Charlotte-Mecklenburg.


93% of teachers surveyed report that Classroom Central programs have a positive effect on the quality of students’ work, and 85% say that these programs improve student behavior. That’s good enough for me.

Classroom Central can’t do it alone. They do not receive government, school system or United Way funding, and depend on the generosity of individual and corporate donors to live out their mission.

If you’d like to come on board – we need you. Consider giving your time, talent and treasure to change kids’ lives. They don’t have very much, and it means a lot.

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Kathy Wholley has served on the Board of Directors at Classroom Central since 2014. She is the Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Domtar, a large manufacturer of pulp, paper and personal care products based in Fort Mill, SC.

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